The company

ENERGO is a start-up founded in 2018 from several parisian research institutes. We design and produce catalytic methanation reactors using a patented innovative process to enhance your CO2 emissions or to store electricity from renewable energy sources. For your biogas production site, we offer our EnergoBox perfectly able to integrated into your existing or future gas cleaning process.

The team

Vincent Piepiora is the founding member and CEO of ENERGO. Graduated from Chimie Paristech and in light of a 10-year experience as process and operation engineer at Total, he is in charge of the products engineering and the business development of the company.

Julien Wengler, PhD, joint the team in September 2019 as CTO. Physicist, graduated from an École Normale Supérieure, with a doctoral degree from Sorbonne Université, he is in charge of the research and development aspects of the company.

Our scientific board

  • Pr Michael Tatoulian, Pr Siméon Cavadias, Dr Stéphanie Ognier, from the Plasma, Process, Microsystems team at the Research Institute of Chimie Paris (IRCP).
  • Pr Patrick Da Costa et Dr Maria Elena Galvez-Parruca, from the Combustion, Clean Energies & Turbulence (CEPT) laboratory at Sorbonne Université and the Jean le Rond D'Alembert Institute, CNRS UMR 7190.
  • Pr Xavier Duten, Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux (CNRS – UPR 3407).


Our strenghts