EnergoBox is an innovative process able to be plugged in all biogas treatment units. It recycles the CO2 emitted by the biomethane purification process and produce biomethane at commercial specifications.

This new patented process is based on the latest technological advances from our laboratories.


The advantages of EnergoBox

Produce more bio-methane

EnergoBox is able to produce more bio-methane by recovering the CO2 emitted from the biogas purification unitYou can increase the production from your exisiting facility from the same amount of input and without increasing the size of the site.

Valuing the heat and oxygen produced

The methanation reaction generate a significant amount of heat which is recovered by the EnergoBox process. This heat can be circulated on the site facilities either in the anaerobic digester or in local facilities.

EnergoBox also produces oxygen that can be used in the digester instead of air or stored and sold.


Make your renewable power generation facilities more profitable

Many sites are equipped with wind turbines or solar panels whose resale price of electricity is low. With EnergoBox, you can turn this electricity into bio-methane via power-to-methane and increase the profitability of your renewable energy installations.